When you choose Wharton/Lyon & Lyon as your insurance broker, you not only make a sound investment in the immediate security of your company or organization, you make an investment in its future success as well.  We are committed to helping clients achieve their long-term financial goals and plans for growth.  So great is our commitment that many clients consider us business partners.  And that is exactly how it should be.  Because how well we manage your risks has a profound impact on your profitability and your ability to achieve certain goals.

Wharton/Lyon & Lyon has put its skills to work for thousands of clients ranging from financial institutions, schools, manufacturers and service industries to non-profit organizations, contractors, wholesalers and retailers.  Contact Wharton/Lyon & Lyon today.

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  Surety Bonds:

 These instruments guarantee the fulfillment of contract obligations. These contracts can involve both construction and other types of work or service required by public or privately-owned entities.

Five Such Bonds:

Bid or Proposal Bonds - guarantees the owner (Obligee) that a party bidding for a contract will, if the bid is accepted, enter into a contract and furnish the necessary bond.

Performance Bonds - this guarantees the owner that work will be completed according to the contract specifications.

Payment Bonds- (Labor & Material Bond) guarantees that the bills for labor and materials used in the work project will be paid as they become due.

Maintenance Bonds

Completion Bonds - this bond covers contracts that involve financing or design hazards.

Other Types of Bonds

License & Permit, Public Offered Bonds

Bonds and Miscellaneous Bonds

Wharton has a trained staff of professionals who will be able to provide you with the expertise needed to facilitate establishing a bonding program with one of our many surety carriers.

Small Contractors Bonding Program
Without C.P.A. Financials (Tax Returns Only)
24-Hour Turn Around Service

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